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January 2012


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Jan. 9th, 2012


I played:


May. 23rd, 2010

Memory 17

Day 132

Sad Neutral - Black Cat telling him she'll never forgive him!!1

What He Learned:
- ...he totally screwed something up. That's some heartfelt unforgiveness.
- But he doesn't feel... wrong? What did he do? Geez.

What This Means:
- Doubt doubt doubt :(
- He still doesn't understand girls.

Apr. 17th, 2010

Memory 16

Day 123(?)

Positive Neutral - Being kissed by Black Cat.

What He Learned:
- Oh wow older girls. Ladies? Mm.
- Being 'bad' isn't all too 'bad', or at least... they're good parts...

What This Means:
- He's totally kind of hormone for older girls.
- Hormones at all??? Kind of ruins his 'oh god what if we're all related and don't know it' fear.

Mar. 10th, 2010

[No Subject]

sure why not, question meme me

while I go to bed

do I really need to copy/paste it we've all seen it.

Jan. 1st, 2010

Spidey Stats

Hit Points: A
Magic Points: C
Strength: S
Defense: S
Magic: C
Magic Defense: A
Intelligence: S
Wisdom: B
Will: A
Dexterity: S
Speed: A
Stamina: A
Health: A

Peter can't cast magic, which looks to be his major weakness. However, I said his Defense and Magic Defense were rather high thanks to his Spider Sense combined with his Speed/Dexterity which allow him to dodge any threats. Obviously this gets bypassed by any spells that simply materialize on him no matter how he moves. (However, if it was simply targeted at the area he was standing in, even if it doesn't materialize until it is there, he can detect and evade). However this defense is easily slowed/made less effective if he's sick or if he's been drugged/poisoned, which will make him sluggish (relatively).

Peter can also take a lot more damage than the average person, too, without getting hurt. Even when he does, he'll also heal a lot faster than a normal person, cutting down healing time to 1/3 at least. (For example he's healed from a broken bone within a week or two, if I recall, and severe bruises/cuts within a day or two).

Peter is also really smart. This relies mostly on his intelligence however, as he's not very... creative. He can think outside the box, but only to apply things he distinctly knows already. He can apply his knowledge of biology, chemistry, technology to create new and wondrous things. However in Sabra he doesn't really have... even half of that back. Not to mention Sabra doesn't have the facilities/equipment outside of Surgeon's lab. He's wise enough to know how normal things go, but not quite wise enough to think before he speaks, or to read the mood most of the time. He's impulsive at times and doesn't always think things through.

Peter's willpower... is confusing. He will give up if he thinks things are useless, but he's easily encouraged to continue fighting for what he wants to do anyway. Basically his intelligence overpowers his willpower. When he knows he can't do something, he doesn't want to try. (He'll likely try a few times though, before giving up- since that enforces the feeling he can't do something). This mostly applies to how he... mostly cooperates in games instead of making huge deals over what they have to do. I mean. He still argues against killing and stuff but he knows he agreed to come here, so it's not like he's innocent. He can't exactly refuse because that's not a strategy that will actually keep people from being hurt.

Dec. 20th, 2009

Memory #11

Positive-Trivial - Swinging from rooftop to rooftop as Spider-Man.

What he's learned:
- A lot about New York, its layout, the types of people who live there, and more importantly how to look out for the criminal element.
- That swinging around the city is basically the best thing ever.
- That his web shooters run on web cartridges, and that he has to try to keep track of how much he's used to keep himself from falling to his death.
- That such a risk is TOTALLY WORTH IT oh man web swinging is so good.
- WOW skyscrapers are tall.
- Oh hey, Daily Bugle, I work there and J Jonah Jameson is a jerk.

What this means:
Hilariously it means absolutely nothing in Sabra, but for a while he's going to be incredibly happy and jovial, especially since Blood is back and the only thing that really weighs on his mind at all is Tsuzuki and Scarlet in the pillar. And they'll find a way, he's sure, even if it means he has to use his wish to get them out. If it comes to it, he'll probably come back for whatever reason he meant to originally. Or, that's what he thinks so far.

Nov. 30th, 2009

Memory #10

Significant-Negative - Defeating Venom/Eddie Brock and seeing Eddie go crazy in need of the symbiote.

What he's learned:
- He knew this guy personally. They were 'bro's. :(
- A 'gene-cleanser' would clear out his powers.
- His identity is secret, and this was VERY IMPORTANT TO HIM.
- The gene-cleanser cleared out his bro's powers :|
- Eddie was totally reliant on his symbiont-thing. It caused him to be pretty hateful, but he got addicted to it.
- Sonic attacks CAN be an effective weapon.
- He can take a LOT more damage than he thought he could.

What this means:
Peter will probably be more reckless, well, to an extent. He's not DUMB and knows he doesn't have his web shooters to cushion falls and so on, but he's finally getting used to the fact that he is... really really durable, which DOES carryover past the bracers. He already knew he was wearing a mask for a reason but now he's super glad he hasn't been open with his spider powers, though he doesn't think it really matters that much here, for the same reasons... he might actually get more lax with it if anything.

Sep. 26th, 2009

An exploration on immense strength in a post Animus Limiter society

Spider-Man is a glass cannon. Well, relatively.

To put it in other terms, he wouldn't be able to take a lot of his own full-strength hits. His strength is NOT proportional to his endurance, though both are much higher than a standard human's.

After getting a Animus Limiter, Peter won't be too different in what he actually does. He can still climb walls, his agility is still there for the most part, and he still has his Spider Sense to warn him of danger. The major difference is his strength. However... Peter in-canon or in Sabra RARELY uses the full limits of his strength. He doesn't want to really hurt anyone, so he's constantly holding back most of his strength... if he didn't, some of the normal baddies he kicks around would've died after a single punch to the face.

And he knows this.

After he put on the Animus Limiter he could tell immediately that he was significantly weaker... but he doesn't have a REAL basis in relativity here. Everything he did before was possible with his current strength... but it'll be a while before he figures that out, because he's still going to be holding back. To be able to toss raptors with the greatest of ease will now be somewhat difficult for him, rather than as easy as playing with a beachball. He'll actually have to exert his strength to pull off similar feats, and will likely tire faster due to that. However, don't expect him to hold up a fallen cave ceiling for very long without removing the limiter.

That said, he still packs a punch, even with him holding back in his current situation. Enough to beat up any normal person at least easily still, and to make people who still have super defenses feel it a little, though any victory in a fight against them would be pure attrition and dodging their attacks.

I think, after writing all this, I've cemented where he stands in my head a bit more. Anything sound wrong?

Stats and/or Power Retention Form

Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: ??? (Not sure- approximately 120-150 lbs?)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Appearance: He's short and young (high school... sophomore?) and really built compact. He's actually quite muscular if you can tell underneath his clothing, and has the muscle definition of a high class athlete/warrior.

Character Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Unit: Pyxis
Description of powers: The ability to stick to surfaces, heightened strength and agility, the ability to detect danger to his own person (spider sense), and to an extent being able to use web-shooters.
Strength/Extent of powers: His strength allows him to lift a few tons when under duress with the benefit of adrenaline but not without causing himself injury in the process. Combined with his spider-sense and someone firing upon him from far enough away, he could dodge a bullet from a regular handgun. Not so much chance from a machine gun or automatic rifle though his spider-sense will typically warn him to TAKE COVER in those occasions.
Innate: Yes
Memory related: Yes
Relation to memory: To use his web-shooters, he has to remember how to create them and the web-fluid.

Memory Registry

Happy-Significant Happy-Neutral Happy-Trivial

  • His last Christmas Day with Aunt May AND Uncle Ben.

  • Defeating the Venom symbiote using memories of all the people who care for him, after tricking it into thinking he was defeated and depressed.

  • Going to the Prom with Mary Jane Watson.

  • Being kissed by Black Cat.

  • Swinging from rooftop to rooftop as Spider-Man.

Neutral-Significant Neutral-Neutral Neutral-Trivial

  • His Uncle Ben telling him "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

  • Creating his web-shooters / web-fluid.

  • Finding out that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin.

  • Finding Harry Osborn in the Green Goblin suit.

  • Aunt May sitting him down and lecturing him and calling him by name.

  • Fighting the Lizard in the subway while one a moving train car.

  • Watching Sandman 'sacrifice' himself to save people from an exploding tanker.

  • Repairing his Spider-Man costume.

  • Studying for a big science test.

  • Replying to a crook "I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!" as he leaves them behind.

Sad-Significant Sad-Neutral Sad-Trivial

  • Defeating Venom/Eddie Brock and seeing Eddie go crazy in need of the symbiote.

  • Defeating the Green Goblin who then crashes and explodes brilliantly in front of Harry Osborn.

  • Worrying about his Aunt May's health.

  • Being fired from his job with Dr. Curt Conners due to trust issues.

  • Black Cat telling him she'll never forgive him!!1

  • Being turned away by Liz Allen due to peer pressure after she was being nice to him.

  • Having to take a hit (via water balloon) rather than dodging to keep his identity as Spider-Man secret.

BIG MEMORY: Spider bite until Uncle Ben gets shot and Peter chases after the criminal as Spidey (and finds him).

App Post

Character Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Canon: The Spectacular Spider-Man
Reference picture and Wiki link: Image! Wiki
Point in the time-line taken: At the end of the second season.

Character History: Orphaned by his parents at a young age, Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, two very loving and truly precious people in his life- they're all he has after all. He is a science nerd who happened to be gifted with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider (hint: that's a lotta strength and agility). He now spends his days balancing his life between living as high school science geek Peter Parker, Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker, and the Spectacular Spider-Man- a crime fighting vigilante who tries to do his part to keep the streets clean of crime and eventually super-villains.

Canon Personality: Peter cares a lot about his friends and family, they're easily concern #1 in his mind at all times. Well, when he isn't worrying about saving his own hide from the supervillain of the week, all of which determined to kick his hiney into the Hudson river and keep him there. In fact a constant source of irritation comes from the combination of the former and the latter, as he won't tell anyone about his secret identity- something he does to protect them, even! He's rather selfless to a fault, really.

Peter Parker is confident in both his ability and the fact that nothing will go his way. The best laid plans, etc etc. His adherence to his policy of "With great power comes great responsibility" leaves him powerless to refuse someone asking for help when he can do something about it. There isn't a question, he does it, no matter the cost to himself. Even if that means continuing to be Spidey, even when it is messing up his own life.

Peter has a habit of joking about things, to the point of talking to himself in order to calm his nerves. Often going for insults to throw off his foes, he occasionally slips a joke or two outside the costume as well. He's a genuinely nice guy though, and doesn't think that anyone deserves to die, even the hardest criminals, he'll fight to save his worst enemy from death as quickly as his Aunt May (though he might not be as enthused about it!) That said, this is about the only thing in his life that he has much of a clue about, being rather indecisive and clueless to a lot of things in his life, from the girl crushing on him to the fact that the girl's father has figured out his secret identity.

Blank Personality: The Blank will be basically the same, but with a few differences. Obviously he doesn't know to keep his powers secret, and will be much more confident because of it. At the same time, he won't be sure exactly what he is capable of. He'll be more likely to crack jokes, even if he doesn't get the reference himself. The Blank won't be as likely to be selfless in this environment, as he won't feel the deep seated responsibility to do anything in his power. He's not going to become a selfish douche anytime soon as he's basically a good person, but he'll be easier to anger and less likely to hold back when angered.

Writing Sample:

The Blank puzzled over the brass tube in the room, the first thing to catch his eye as he awoke. He lifted it and looked through one end, only to see a fuzzy video of a young boy looking sternly back at him. "No matter what- with great power comes great responsibility. I do this willingly." With that, the young boy looked away regretfully before the video ended. The Blank placed it down and leaned back against the wall and pondered the room he found himself in.

It didn't seem to be a prison, not that he had any recollection of committing a crime. Or anything really. That realization was a little troubling, but he'd be a bit more worried if he hadn't filed it away as a case of amnesia, surprised he remembered the term. That's wasn't all however, he seemed to remember a that perhaps if he found something familiar his memory would be jogged... and he might remember something, anything about himself. A name would be great, it's hard to think of himself in the third person. "I wonder why they call it jogging your memory anyway... it's not like it can walk or run. I guess it's a nice healthy pace, but it's not about to win a mental marathon anytime soon."

Intending to casually leap to his feet from the bed, he instead found himself launched into the air. "Hu--wha--This is gonna.... hurt?" he exclaimed as he waited for gravity to kick into action- only to find that not everything that goes up must come down. He opened a single eye to find the bed attached firmly to the ceiling- no scratch that, the fact that his tunic just started to slide UP means that HE was the one who couldn't stay down. "Whoa... I'm some sort of ninja. Scratch that, better than that- when was the last time you saw a ninja standing upside down on the ceiling?"


He paused. "Now how the heck do I get down?" He hoped he figured it out soon, or else his lunch would join him in the state of not staying down. Did he even have lunch?